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Capstone and internship programs: Benefits for employers

The Capstone program focuses on solving business problems through no-cost consulting. Our fourth-year Commerce, Gaming and Information Technology students work in custom teams of four or five to apply their academic skills and assist your business with a real-world project. This no-cost consulting opportunity will allow our students the opportunity to apply their academic skills to accomplish your strategic goals and solve problems.

  • Apply no-cost resources where time, staffing or skills might otherwise not be available.
  • Allow UOIT students to demonstrate their abilities and gain exposure as future employees.
  • Contribute to your organization's success, bringing fresh ideas to address your needs.
  • Develop strong partnerships with UOIT faculty and students.
  • Provide real-world experience for our students.
  • Resolve issues facing your organization and implement innovative solutions.

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The Internship program showcases our top performing students, allowing each student the opportunity to seek employment, gaining exposure in future career paths and as potential employees. Organizations with established internship programs are welcome to post intern positions at our institution.

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