Gaming and Virtual Reality Laboratory

gaming students

The Gaming and Virtual Reality Laboratory is dedicated to the study and development of games and game technology.

The lab includes:

  • A full-body motion-capture studio.
  • Audiometric room (sound booth).
  • State-of-the art game development workstations.
  • A variety of input technologies students can utilize for their game development needs.

A passive stereo virtual reality display utilizes the motion-capture system as a body tracker and gesture-based input device. This enables the exploration of:

  • full-body gesture recognition
  • multi-player collaboration
  • new input methodologies

Students are able to record sound for voiceovers and music with minimal echo or background noise in an audiometric room coupled with audio recording equipment such as:

  • microphone booms/stands
  • various microphones and field recorders
  • MIDI synthesizer
  • hardware and software mixing consoles