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UXR Lab - Applied User Experience Research Lab for Interactive Media

The UXR Lab focuses solely on applied user experience (UX) research in interactive digital media. Stemming from original research undertaken at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, the lab takes both academic and commercial research projects. It specializes in helping developers (games, apps, websites, software, simulations) discover and fix usability and user experience issues with their products. The lab has hardware and software resources, as well as more than 10 researchers who work with developers through their entire product lifecycle from concept to post-launch. 

The UXR Lab offers:

  • competitor analysisUXR logo
  • collaborative design
  • usability and UX expert evaluation
  • usability and UX testing
  • pre- and post-launch analytics
  • physiological measurements (biometrics) and eye-tracking  

Location: Software and Informatics Research Centre, Room 4340
Contact: Pejman Mirza-Babaei, PhD, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Twitter: @UXRLAB

UXR lab office with desks and chairs

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