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International Internship Information

The Internship course is open to international students currently enrolled in an approved Faculty of Business and Information Technology program and have met the cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B grade) criteria.

UOIT offers real life experience through opportunities with employers, domestically and abroad. Posted internship opportunities are on the Career Centre portal, accessed through Student Life. On this site, students have the opportunity to take advantage of various career services such as resume, cover letter, and interview preparation, which may benefit students who are unfamiliar with Canadian hiring and work processes.

Students also have the option of obtaining an internship opportunity of their choosing; however,  it is mandatory that the Program Coordinator approve the placement prior to acceptance of the job.

To see internship postings and to take advantage of career services provided, please access the Career Centre Portal.


The Approval Process

Program Coordinator approval is required for self-obtained internship opportunities. Students should submit their request by email or in-person to the Program Coordinator, and allow a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of the intended start time for proper assessment and review as acceptable. If the opportunity is an international work placement, a 6-8 week time frame is required for approval to allow for any compliance issues.

Students who have issues, concerns, or seek further clarification on process or requirements, may contact the Program Coordinator.


Student Exchange

Information for both international and domestic students regarding student exchange, or if an international student, working within Canada, is available on the UOIT's International Student site via the link below.


visit the international student Webpage


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