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Career Opportunities

Successful students develop their technical, managerial and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in a diverse team environment. Working with programmers, artists and designers, you will create innovative products that push the medium to its limits.

Career opportunities include the following larger areas:

career opportunities


    • Game Programmer
    • Educational game developer
    • Game play programmer
    • Independent game developer
    • Mobile game developer
    • Serious game developer
    • Interface programmer
    • Engine programmer
    • Graphics driver programmer
    • Researcher in virtual reality, augmented reality, mivxed reality, serious games, medical simulation, exergames, software for video game design and developement
  • ART
    • 3D modeller
    • Creative director
    • Art/graphics support
    • Technical artist
    • Art design
    • Project manager
    • Quality assurance
    • Game producer
    • Game production
    • Product manager
    • Technical support
    • Game programming
    • Game design
    • Game user research
    • Game art, animation and 3D modelling
    • Virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality
    • Games user research
    • Game input research
    •  Game design,
    • Game hardware design and development
    • Serious games,
    • Medical simulation
    • Software for video game design and development
    • 3D animator
    • Motion capture editor
    • Game Designer
    • Level designer
    • Level editor

Graduates of this program have obtained positions at various companies including:


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